About Us

Our Story…

Driven by a desire to offer local teenagers a creative and meaningful employment opportunity, Art Connection was designed specifically for under-resourced youth.  The inspiration behind our model stems from an incredibly successful visual arts-focused work program, Artists for Humanity, in Boston, MA, created in 1995 by Susan Rodgerson. That program has changed the lives of hundreds of teens, and continues to transform lives today.

Creating Leaders

Art Connection aims to instill confidence in every teen in our program. Through partnerships with other arts organizations, local artists, business owners, city government and members of the community, we will strive to equip these young artists with leadership skills. They will experience the challenges and rewards of being a positive role model in our society. We consider it a privilege to be able to influence and help shape the lives of our future leaders.

Developing Innovators

Creativity is present in all of us. Some children are raised in an environment where their creativity is nurtured and freely explored. However, other children are not so fortunate. Art Connection desires to awaken these qualities in each of our young artists through various artistic endeavors. This program will enable them  to discover their vision, express their voice, and demonstrate their talent.

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